How we think.

we are in the business of doing good

At Centron, we offer full-service healthcare communications with a focus on specialty brands, especially oncology and rare disease. Our single purpose: to find the simplest path to the highest good for our clients, their brands, and the communities they serve.


we know that finding the right path isn’t always easy

It requires sacrifice, and that requires confidence in the data, insights, and process that led you there. We put strategy at the center of everything we do, and believe that great work must always deliver the right results for the task at hand. (After all, what’s more disappointing than a 12-concept creative presentation without a breakthrough idea in the bunch?)


we keep it simple

We don’t over-engineer, and we promise not to force your brand through unnecessary workshops or steps that aren’t essential for getting you where you need to go. We’ll simply find the right path to help your brand thrive.