How we thrive.


We believe there is strength in owning what you do well. At Centron, our focus is on specialty brands, with an emphasis on oncology and rare disease. We offer deep collective experience in some of the most transformative brands in medicine, and know there is no blueprint or one-size-fits-all approach. We approach every opportunity with a fresh eye and simply define the right path forward.



What’s at the heart of a thriving agency? Talent and shared purpose. We build our teams with industry-leading talent who bring their passion every day and deeply believe in the work we do for our clients and their brands.




Celine Vita


Celine thrives on sharp minds, focused energy, and the “a-ha!” moment when the perfect strategy or idea clicks into place. In an industry cluttered with jargon, complexity, and mediocrity, Celine has earned a reputation for strategic acumen and clarity of perspective that changes hearts, minds, and markets. After more than 17 years at CDM—where she was Associate Partner, Director of Business Growth and a founding lead of the UK office—Celine has joined Centron to realize her vision of what an agency can and should be: an open destination where clients, brands, and talent thrive, simply.


Carolyn O'Neill

Chief Creative Officer

A self-professed goal junky, Carolyn believes in always getting better: personally, creatively, and in how we impact the world. As Executive Creative Director of CDM New York, she led the launches of transformative genetic therapies and shaped the agency's offering in rare disease. Carolyn joined the leadership team at Centron to achieve a shared vision that truly award-worthy work should make a meaningful—and measurable—difference for clients, brands, and the communities they serve.


Meredith Pugh

Chief Growth and Strategy Officer

Meredith thrives when surfing and all that it involves: the reflection, the intensity, and the adjustments required to achieve peak performance. This appetite for challenge and growth has defined her career, from her early years leading brands in oncology and HIV, to her leadership roles in business development and strategy for CDM and Havas. At Centron, Meredith is taking her sharp strategic capabilities and instinct for creative narrative to the next level for clients seeking agile, like-minded partners and the highest good for their brands.